Green Pool Clean Ups

Is your pool turning green?  Call us today, we can help!

ABC Pool Service & Repair specializes in green pool clean ups! In most cases we can have your green pool clean and ready for swimming in 24 hours! The process for green pool clean ups depends on the severity of the green pool. Some pools just starting to turn green may be chemically treated along with running the pump until the water clears and cleaning the filter as needed during the process.  However, most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning the filter, and rebalancing the water. At ABC Pool Service & Repair we offer pool draining services and can drain most pools in less than an hour!

Chlorine Rinse

A chlorine rinse is performed after a pool has been completely drained and is empty. The rinse helps to eliminate debris and algae that has settled into the walls and the bottom of your swimming pool. When algae and debris sit in a swimming pool for any length of time, it can leave behind stains and discolorations to the plaster. Chlorine rinsing is especially successful with pools experiencing any kind of algae problem and is highly recommended for all green pools. A chlorine rinse can only be performed on white or light colored pools.

Pool Draining

Over time, it’s natural for pool water to evaporate. However, this leaves minerals and contaminants, such as sunscreen, dust and pool-maintenance chemicals, to become more concentrated than normal. Every time water is replaced the cycle continues. Eventually, the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rises and subtle problems begin to affect how the water reacts to chemicals, making them less effective and increasing the amount needed. This can make it difficult to maintain safe water chemistry levels, which is why it’s important to periodically drain old water and refill it with fresh water. If it has been over 5 years since you last drained your pool and your pool requires more chemicals than normal to stay clear call us today for a free assessment.

Pool Draining Services

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